Sunday, January 16, 2011

Adsense Rules to Live by

I started Internet marketing about seven years ago was 15 years old in order to find another way to make a little extra money online. At that age in Texas it's illegal to have a full-time job and I knew I could make more money on online than at a  conventional job. Marketing is probably one the hardest business there is, nothing more competitive everybody wants to do it people from all over the world are doing it now, but it can be done but it takes a lot of dedication to win in this business. Discipline is absolutely  key there is no chance you're going to make any money without some effort. When  I first started out attempting to make money online it was really discouraging. You hear so much different advice from people on forums. There are so many different ways to do it, it can be really confusing. When I first started out I was trying so many different ways but nothing seemed to work. I felt like I was  wasting so much time reading bad advice from people. In most cases it takes six months to start making good money. It is tough and SEO can be very complicated but it doesn't have to be. It is very difficult to master and Google is always changing their algorithm, you never know when they're optimizing something.

Getting your page ranked in a decent spot takes a while there are some blackhat methods you can do to build a bunch of back links but Google is getting smarter every day. When you build a site on blackhat methods there is too much risk. Google could potentially sandbox your site and all that effort was for nothing. The best piece of advice I can give somebody starting out in this business is to just start building good quality content based around a topic that you love to write about something that interests you, or inspires you. Continue to keep building quality backlinks because everyday Google's algorithm is starting to be based less on back links and more on quality, content, and trust. They are getting  tired of all the spammers.Your goal should be to make money long term from your website.

You should be building a website that is useful to people so they'll keep coming back and bookmark your site. Set up your Adsense ads and as you gain more and more traffic from your site clicks will start to come. Content has nothing to do with design of your website it is all about providing useful information to the user. If you look at the successful websites on the Internet you will see they are not pretty they use the same old boring format. Nobody even uses flash anymore it is nothing but a drag on the users system. There are so many different programs you can use to build websites but your goal should be to build sites fast as well as ensuring each website has quality information for the specified users in your niche. I personally use a program called Xsitepro, basically of its easy functionality, there are hundreds of templates so I don't waste time searching for html templates. It requires no manual coding and is very user-friendly. The learning curve is obsolete compared to  Dreamweaver and WordPress. I have friends that already have 100 Adsense sites and their not meaningless spam either. The sites simply provide useful information to their viewers in a targeted specified niche. you can specify easily use keywords that average $1.00 a day, thats $100 a day and they rarely have to update the content.

Once again I say it's all about useful content think of something your good at. Something you can write about, it can be anything a passion, hobby, even past job skills you've acquired over the years. Even if you're not an expert at it most people aren't. Everybody has skills in certain areas and other people are weaker in certain areas. Make a site based with tips or guides on something and people will keep coming back. This is the foundation to a good bounce rate. I like to think of adsense as a retirement fund, put enough effort into and overtime it grows and grows. Just keep building websites and they will make a little more money each day. You never know which of your sites is gonna be a hit and you're making $20 a day from one site alone. Anybody can do this method, it requires some dedication but its a proven way to earn potenitally a full time income working at your own discrection.
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