Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blogging For Begginers

Making money online is becoming more and more popular everyday. If your like me seeing ads saying "Work from home and make $65 an hour" has become the norm. This is a bit of an exaggeration. Its not impossible but highly unlikely without tons of dedication, research, and effort. However, making up some decent cash is definitely possible after some work. This will take time though.

The awesome thing about making money through Adsense and affiliate marketing is it doesn't require tons of time everyday and energy. It's all about being consistent and devoting at least an hour a day updating a few blogs, optimizing ads, or creating new content. The reason I love it is because I work on my time and at my own discretion. I can work on what I want and produce content that I enjoy producing. There is a market for practically anything you can think of, you just have to learn how to tap into it. After time it becomes a process to you and it really makes it feel more like a hobby than a job. Get involved in forums or hire and SEO consultant to help. This is the method I used for starting out, its actually amazing and saved me tons of time.

Get into a habit of updating your blogs at least 3-4 times a week. If you have extra time make another blog. I have multiple blogs and also maintain several different websites. This still only takes about two hours a day. Earning a full time income isn't going to happen fast. One thing I've learned over the years in this business is it takes time to build. I like to think of it like building a pyramid, starting from the base it seems impossible. Just keep laying one brick at a time and before you know you can work from all over the world.
by Julius Roberson


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