Sunday, January 9, 2011

Intel's new Sandy Bridge CPU

Thought I would mention something about the new sandy bridge line of processors that Intel came out two days ago. Its using the latest 32nm technology and has a completely new architecture. The PCI-E slot is on the same die as the memory and video controller thus shortening the distance required for communication. Why is this important? Well for one it shows a change in the industry and we could at some point in the near future no longer need gpu's at all.
Intel also changed the previous plans of using the 1156 socket and changed it to an new 1155. One pin difference. Typical really, just another way for them to force people to buy whole new pc's. Its also not going to be supporting DX 11 for awhile and users will be forced to use DX 10.1.

Here's a very interesting quote from wikipedia, well kind of scary really.

"In addition, Sandy Bridge processors will implement security features that include the ability to remotely disable a PC or erase information from hard drives. This can be useful in the case of a lost or stolen PC. The commands can be received through 3G signals, ethernet, or internet connections. AES encryption will be available for both video conferencing and VoIP applications."

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