How to use an iso file for torrents, software backups, or even a bootable recovery disk.

What is an ISO file? An ISO file is a CD image file that is commonly found in torrents. It is a file that in most cases was imported straight from a live cd. Now that you know what an iso file is im going to explain how to use it. Basically is what an ISO file is its a CD/DVD image file that can be burned directly to a dvd or with the right software can be ran as if it is already actually in a physical dvdr. for torrents in most cases you use a iso mounter to mount a specific ISO file to act as if it is actually in your ghost cd/dvdr drive. You can even use the software to make bootable backup OS discs which are a great to have. There are several different cd/dvd image processing tools available for free including imgburn, poweriso, alchohol 120, daemon tools iso, etc, As for free tools I prefer poweriso  and paid tools nero blows anything else out of the water, but poweriso should be fine for anybody new to burning/mounting iso files.

#1 Download and install poweriso, keeping the default settings as is for installation. restart your computer.

#2 Poweriso will launch at startup and is viewable on your taskbar. Right click on poweriso and click Virtual
Drives >Set Number of Drives> set the value to 1 drive.

#3 Now right click poweriso again and and click Virtual Drives> Mount Image to Drive (typically the first drive in the list, mine was "e" this depends on your current HDD setup though).

#4 Once you click on the desired virtual drive a windows explorer will pop up instructing you to locate your iso file that you want to mount.

#5 Once the file is mounted follow any instructions from the torrent uploader which might call for replacing files, deleting files,  or even disconnecting from the internet before installing the torrent.

Always read torrent instructions and comments to make sure you don't accidently patch over or past the instructed point or forgot anything so you dont have to uninstall and reinstall the application again.

Making a bootable recovery disc.

After you install poweriso, open the software and choose menu item Action>Boot>Add Boot Information>Select the iso file you want to make bootable.

In most cases OS iso's and recovery .iso are already boot ready.

how to download torrents with utorrent

#1 First thing you want to do is download a torrent tracker program. There are a list of various ones to choose from including, utorrent, vuze, deluge, or bittorrent. I personally prefer utorrent. Utorrent is light fast and take up hardly to no system resources..

#2 Then your going to want to find a torrent tracking website, there are several of these as well, as well as some that require an invite only membership. but not to worry because there are several that are entirely free and great torrent trackers. I personally like but here are a list of other free ones you might find more appealing IsoHunt, TorrentEngineSearch, and Torrentz are all very popular sites as well.

#3 once u find a sight you like its time to search for the particular movie, program, or music your want to download. Simply put the title of the item you want to search for in the search tab and search. OK heres a rule of thumb, always click the seeders/leechers tab after you find a list of different torrents relevant to your search, this way you can modify the results to show the torrent that is most active. This is generally done by just clicking the tab above leachers/seeders, its also called health sometimes.

#4 Be sure and read comments about the torrent, 90% of the time the comments from other users provide valuable information about the torrent.

#5 always read the instructions from the torrent uploader about how to do the “crack”. Most of the time its very simple yet often people feel overwhelmed because of their limited computer skills. Im here to tell you once you have downloaded and successfully installed a few programs, this is next to nothing to do. Most of the time its just replacing hosts files, or moving a couple of files around. All you really have to do is read the instructions and if your struggling there are always comments below on the piratebay and you should be able to find a solution rather quickly.

#5 do the said crack and the program should be good to go. Sometimes larger programs including operating systems, or other expensive software will get patched and you will have to go back to a torrent site and find a fix for it. Its really no big deal and if you follow the instructions carefully most of the time you dont have to change anything for 6-12months.